It's not Rocket Science.

But it IS science. Learning, performance, and safety . . . All of these disciplines have a body of supporting research that defines how they should be implemented. If your solution provider doesn’t have data, then you need to find a resource that does. Get in touch to find out why partnering with S2 really is seriously smart.

(ABOVE) This image was produced by NASA’s Webb telescope. It is literally where stars are born . . .

You need to know

We’ve been in business for over 20 years. During that time, we have worked with all kinds of companies who do all kinds of things. We have clients in the consulting, finance, manufacturing, retail, and service industries. We have helped clients teach new skills, improve performance, increase sales, stay safe, and leverage data. We do these things better because we are data-driven, experienced, and smart. When it makes sense, we use technology to power our solutions. Finally, we are cost-effective . . . Really cost-effective.
You may assume that we are overstating what we do. Our partners would disagree.


When learning requires dynamic interaction, social simulation, group discussion, and collaboration.


When learners require the combined benefits of both eLearning and classroom training to develop the skills they need.


When learning benefits from a self-paced environment, structure, systematic practice, and feedback.

Design Does Matter

If you think you can get the training impact your organization needs by throwing together a PowerPoint and “winging it” in a conference room, you’re wrong. Instructional design matters. We will help you create training in the proper format, with compelling interactivity, practice, and feedback. Together, we will develop training that makes your people better at what they need to do for your organization to achieve its goals.


Despite all the research proving otherwise, people still think eLearning isn’t as effective as classroom instruction. That is simply not true. Good eLearning is every bit as effective as good classroom instruction. Bad classroom instruction is not as effective as good eLearning. Different training formats are sometimes better suited to a particular subject. But, you can’t simply say that one training format is better than another.

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