We provide diverse range of services to cater every need of course creators.


Properly designed eLearning can be very effective. We develop high quality eLearning that combines multimedia, practice, feedback and assessment into training that engenders real-world skills via any platform or device.


Don’t just “wing it” in the classroom. Consistent quality delivery requires a curriculum. Our materials include a student workbook, an instructor’s guide and a professional PowerPoint presentation.


If you are giving an important presentation, we can take your materials and make them world-class. Let us develop a presentation that will ensure you leave your audience wanting more.


S2 can storyboard, shoot and edit video. If you already have raw video, we can edit it, add subtitles, backgroud music, narration and an intro and outro. We can also use stock video to enhance any project.


We can record and edit audio for your project. This includes writing and recording narration (yes, we have excellent in-house voice talent). We can also add music and sound effects to make your project come to life.


We can use animation to enhance the instructional quality of any project. This could involve showing a process, highlighting important information, showing cause and effect, or simply making content more interesting.


We know how to create assessments that truly test what they are targeting. We use research and design principles that will help you monitor changes in employee skills and performance.


SCORM and the Tin Can API are the eLearning development standards that allow eLearning courses to communicate with a learning management system (LMS). We can publish your content for delivery on an LMS.


Do you have content and expertise that is in demand? S2 Learning can help you develop eLearning courses that can then be sold online with eCommerce. Our eCommerce training solutions are attractive, effective and affordable.


If your organization is just starting to use eLearning and other online training resources, you may not have an LMS to manage your training. We can provide you a short or long-term hosting solution for your training content.
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